Library Girl’s Picks: The Best Digital Tools for Formative Assessment

On Monday, I had the opportunity to participate in another fab edition of the TL Virtual Cafe webinar series. This month’s PD offering was an “Edutech Smackdown” featuring the Queen of All Things Library: Joyce Valenza. I love these smackdown sessions because they are the ultimate crowdsourced PD. Everybody grabs a slide (or two or ten) and when their time comes, takes the mic to share something they love. They are fun, fast paced and the cream always seems to rise to the top. Delish!

That said, for my few minutes with the mic, I decided to focus my attention on formative assessment. As much I love tech toys, (and I do. I really, really do), I grow weary of gadgets for the sake of gadgets. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that technology is not going to improve student learning, boost achievement or save education – only good instruction will do those things. That’s not to say that effective technology use can’t enhance that instruction Of course, it can. But technology is but one vehicle by which we can deliver our content and pedagogy. What’s more, even the best tech tool is only as good as the instruction it supports.

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