Web 2.0 Wire

By Jessica Farley

This is a self-directed, easy to use, e-portfolio building and hosting site. It’s FREE! You can build any kind of site, not just a portfolio. Browse examples here: http://www.wix.com/sample/website.  There is a video tutorial so students can teach themselves. Super simple and attractive looking sites.

Toontastic Application
Easy to use cartoon making application. Has it’s own characters to use or you can draw your own, insert your voice over and choose from built in music beds. Can be made with an iPad or iPhone. Desgned for middle schoolers but a fun and easy way to get students to tell the historical stories or explain concepts. IT’S FREE!

Lots of free powerpoints to use and share with students. You can share your own or borrow/ use others’ who post them on a huge variety of topics.

Blah Blah Blah Meter
OK so this is more fun and probably not for sharing with most students. It tells you how much unnecessary words you put in your writing and words you use that may “sound good” but actually hinder clear, consice writing. It’s fun. You’d be surprised how much your writing can be improved! Useful for anyone in writing or teaching it.

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