Web 2.0 Wire

By Sue R. Schroeder

After researching a number of websites, I found the following three to be most interesting and applicable for my instruction in the Dental Hygiene Program.


A website that allows sharing of power point presentations. This would be very helpful to the Dental Hygiene program. Once a year the Wilmington and Dover classes come together for the student’s capstone project known as their Case Presentations. Typically, we experience some issues with the students not being able to access their presentations.  With this tool, they could more easily assess their presentations and avoid the frustaratiom of potential difficulties.


A website that provides study “flashcards” for a variety of educational subjects. I was able to find a category specifically for Dental Hygiene. Great flashcards and very applicable! These would be very helpful for use as a review during class time or to share the website with the students for their use during study time.


A library of how-to videos to help teachers (and students) create technology approaches for use in the classroom. Since I am somewhat technologically challenged, I think the short videos would be very helpful for me in my pursuit of technology that I can integrate into my courses.

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