Instructional Innovation Conference 2014



Delaware Tech’s first Instructional Innovation Conference will be held on August 14th, 2014 from 9:00 – 3:45 at the Terry Campus. This professional development event is reserved for all full-time Delaware Tech faculty.

The Instructional Innovation Conference, hosted by the College’s Professional Development Task Force, promises pedagogy-focused activities that are designed for faculty, by faculty. The day will kick off with an energetic presentation by José Bowen, president of Goucher College and author of Teaching Naked. During the afternoon, attendees will have the opportunity to attend two different workshops from a list of almost forty different topics. Workshops will be facilitated by Collegewide faculty and staff.

Listed below, you will find links to descriptions of the the workshops offered at Delaware Tech’s Instructional Innovation Conference 2014. Browse these topics before the conference to help you decide what to attend. After the conference, come back to leave comments or questions for the presenter or other attendees. Note that each workshop is classified as either a practice session or a conversation session.

Practice sessions focus on sharing, modeling, and discussing pedagogy in higher education, while allowing for interaction among session participants. These sessions go beyond simply “why to” to include “how to”. Participants should come expecting to do something, not just to receive information.

Conversation sessions provide a time and space for participants to discuss pedagogy in higher education. Each session will consist of a brief (10 minutes or less) presentation to contextualize the topic, followed by active participant discussion.

Practice Sessions

Learning to Throw Curveballs, Sliders and Knuckleballs in the Classroom – Bill Alexander

Encouraging Critical Thinking in the Classroom – Ric Baker

Motivational Teaching – Kim Bates

Seeking: Individuals Who Want to Play – Jennifer Blackwell

Investigating Open Educational Resources – Jade Burris

Finding the Power in PowerPoint – Norm Burt

Making More Videos While Taking Less Time – Molli Carter

Beyond the Research Paper: Partnering with Librarians to Enhance Student Fluency in Information Literacy through Creative and Engaging Assignments – Mary Anne Farrell and Paul Page

Making Google Work for Your Online Course – Michelle Keenan

What Does Quality Instruction at Delaware Tech Look Like? – David LaFazia

Buzz! Buzz! – Reinforcing Student Learning Through Games – Curtis Line

Blackboard Minimum Requirements – Tracy Miles and Chris Terranova

Setting Up For A Better Screen Capture – Flipping the Classroom – Jerry Pearson

What Do the Best College Teachers Do Best? – Lisa Peel

Writing for the Next Generation: the iPad as a Writer’s Toolbox – Stacey Pounsberry

Problem-based Learning in the English Classroom – Ish Stabosz

Universal Design in Higher Education: Meeting the Diverse Learning Needs of All Students – Sara Stephens

Student Engagement In and Out of the Classroom – Deborah Lord and Becky Stivers

Teacher’s Toolbox – Christina Tarabicos

Digital Textbook Design: Introduction, Applications, and Publication – Brad Thompson

Conversation Sessions

Problem Based Learning Enhanced by Flipping the Classroom in the Engineering/Science Discipline – Cory Budischak

Assessing Students’ Background Knowledge in Science Classes – Michael Buoni

Great Expectations: Unspoken Implications – Bonnie Ceban

Expand the Walls of Your Classroom – Gail Charrier

Experiences in Experiential Learning—Thinking Outside the Classroom – Gerry Cook

Don’t Fall Victim to Identity Theft – Craig Cox

Managing Capstone Projects in the Engineering/Science Disciplines – Henry Foley and Stephen Culling

Flipping the Mathematics Classroom – Al Drushler

Lean Launch Model for Educators – David Hall

Blackboard Retention Center – Dallas Hayes

We Can’t Teach them Height but We Can Teach them to Jump! – Elizabeth Kelleher

Are We There Yet? – Tim Mello and Ernest Kulhanek

Choosing an Instructional Delivery Method: Synchronous or Asynchronous? – Radhika Prout

The Cultural Intelligence Difference – Lisa Ruschman

What is Self-Service Banner (SSB)? – Pauline Pauley Sturgeon

Blackboards Enterprise Survey Tool – Stop Guessing and Start Knowing! – Steve Wright


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