Learning to Throw Curveballs, Sliders, and Knuckleballs in the Classroom

Presented By Bill Alexander
Session Type: Practice

Students can get bored during class, largely because their world outside the classroom is so full of immediately accessible information, games, and communications. Today’s student desires less of the day-to-day traditional lecture, and more of something different. In other words—they’re usually thrown fastballs, but they need to see other types of pitches. In this brief seminar, we will bring the classroom to life by empowering the students to learn from the unpredictable. Topics will include mobile classroom management, performance quizzes, and high-octane quiz reviews, group project participation from everyone, and game-show style examination reviews. Live demonstrations will encapsulate each subject. Put on your helmet (thinking cap), grab your bat (your pen) and step into the batter’s box (the classroom)!

2 thoughts on “Learning to Throw Curveballs, Sliders, and Knuckleballs in the Classroom

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  2. Bill presented a very innovative interesting workshop that encompassed diverse teaching strategies that encourage students to “own” their education. His instructional approach engages students in their learning experience and promotes student success. The strategies that he presented make the student an active participant in their coursework while instilling classroom management techniques that promote professional behaviors. I love the baseball analogies that created a fun approach to conveying his message. His interactive workshop design demonstrated creativity – something we can all use in our instructional plans.


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