Managing Capstone Projects in the Engineering/Science Disciplines

Presented by Henry Foley and Stephen Cullig
Session Type: Conversation

Have you ever implemented a capstone project in your program? Want to try implementing a capstone project but don’t know where to start? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions then come join us for a group conversation to share your experiences, ask some questions, or just hangout and listen. Capstone projects are a great venue for students to highlight their skills learned here at DTCC; however, sometimes they can be difficult to manage. Group dynamics and time constraints are just a few of the challenges instructors face when implementing a capstone project. Please join us and share your thoughts on the subject.

2 thoughts on “Managing Capstone Projects in the Engineering/Science Disciplines

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  2. Hi everyone! Thanks for participating in the Capstone Project discussion yesterday. I think you will agree that 50 minutes is not enough time to really discuss all of the intricate aspects of managing a capstone project. So, please feel free to make comments, ask questions or bring up topics on this blog so we can keep the flow of information going. A lot of good ideas were shared that I will be thinking about when organizing my next project.

    I will email the power point files that contain our contact information and more detailed information about Steve’s project last year.

    Take care, Henry


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