Adobe Spark for Education: How to Wow Your Students and Yourself

By Ish Stabosz
Center for Creative Instruction & Technology
Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton Campus

If you haven’t already heard of Adobe Spark, it’s an amazing free tool for designing visually stunning presentations, social media posts, and videos. I first stumbled upon Spark when I was trying to find something to use to create a really awesome looking web page. Well, it didn’t quite fit the bill there, but I did realize that Adobe Spark is perfect for education. So I created this:

Welcome to ENG 102 Click the image to view my creation

This Adobe Spark page was my alternative to the usual welcome message that I post in Blackboard. I thought, why not start the year off with something fun and visually stunning that shows students that this writing class ain’t gonna be what they’re expecting.

The best part of all: this was a cinch to create. If I were to make something like this using PowerPoint or Google Slides, it would take me all day and the final product wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful (or mobile responsive (you heard me: mobile responsive!)).* I probably spent two hours on this, which might seem like a long time, but it’s something that I can use for years to come.

Adobe Spark isn’t just great for welcome messages though. You can use it for your presentations too. Even better, students can use it for theirs. No more boring bullet points.

Check it out and create a free account today at

*Yeah, I just parenthesized my parentheses. Sue me.

CCIT’s Fast Five

by Dr. Richard Kralevich (@rickkralevich)
Associate Vice President for Information and Instructional Technology
Delaware Technical Community College

It’s been a while – but we’re back! CCIT’s Fast Five is a collection of our favorite articles, blog posts, videos, and editorials that have recently come across our desks.

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4 Presentation Tools Worth Trying

The web is teeming with web tools that teachers can use to create visually attractive slideshows and presentations. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has previously published the popular Top Presentation Tools for Teachers, but since the posting of this article several other web tools have seen the light and this is why we deem it important to release an update or better call it addition to this list.

Te following tools will enable you to create slideshows, and video presentations to use with your students in the classroom. They all have user friendly interfaces but I would not recommend that you let your students work on them alone, an adult supervision will be highly warranted.

To read more, visit: