Incorporating Service Learning into Human Services Courses

Incorporating Service Learning into Human Services Courses

By Malinda Hudson
Human Services
Delaware Technical Community College
Owens Campus

Sussex County is expanding with new housing developments breaking ground every day and new businesses generated to accommodate the needs of a larger population. People are choosing to migrate to this area, some for business, others for recreational purposes, and still others who have chosen to retire and enjoy their life of leisure near the beach. With that, services are also growing to meet the needs of the increased populace.  This steady growth in both businesses and residences has brought with it numerous opportunities to incorporate service learning into human services courses. Continue reading

Engaging Beginners Using Complex Concepts

Amy Mann - Delaware Bay

By Amy Mann
Environmental Technologies Department
Delaware Technical Community College
Stanton Campus

I have a confession to make. I am not a trained educator. I spent thirteen years working in the engineering field before starting here at Delaware Tech.

Without a formal education in teaching theory, I entered this job believing that basic concepts had to be mastered before higher level ideas could successfully be introduced to students. I could not imagine introducing beginner level students to complex engineering tools or concepts

This is an idea that I believe most people share. I am extremely grateful that I have been part of a project that has proved me wrong. Continue reading